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707 Victoria Ave. E Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1A7
  • Adult Performance Program
  • Sports Performance Program
  • Personal Training


Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning is dedicated to providing an elite level of movement training, and strength & conditioning training in Thunder Bay. Mentored by some of the leading figures in the industry, my approach and application to coaching gives clients a unique experience that continually motivates and pushes them to reach new goals.

Movement Training is an essential component in reducing our risk for injury and improving joint health. Whether you are training for sport or general health and fitness, moving well and moving often will help enhance your version of performance.

Strength and Conditioning Training should be performed by everyone in some form.  Many people don’t realize what they are capable of, and when they achieve certain goals, it’s so empowering that they immediately increase their confidence and self-efficacy. You will feel better, have more energy, and you will take control of your life.

My approach to coaching clients is on a deeper level than many other gyms.  Whether you're a personal training client, small group, athlete, or an entire team, I want you to appreciate the positive changes that your body and mind are going through, when you train at Peak Performance.  Understanding what movement training, and strength & conditioning training looks and feels like, will allow you to live your life with the utmost enjoyment and fulfillment. 

Among all the pressures that we see in mainstream and social media on how we should look and feel, let's focus on being strong, moving well, and feeling great. 

Peak Performance

707 Victoria Ave. E,

Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1A7

Phone. 8076329627